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Fun filled activities and excursions! Children 5-15!!!!

Camp being held at Kidsville, U.S.A. (818) 886-3508!!!

"Education with no Limits"

At Castle Oaks, we take advantage of the fact that all children want to learn about their world and to experience success. Instead of turning the process of learning into a chore, Castle Oaks capitalizes on the intellectual curiosity and the creative spirit inherent in every child. Teachers actively involve students. Students encounter a project-oriented curriculum that enables them to apply facts and concepts so that knowledge is lively and has purpose. Classes are discussion-based rather than teacher-dominated. An average class size of twelve to fifteen students enables teachers to know and understand how each child learns best and to vary techniques to meet the strengths of each child.

Please visit our sister school- Kidsville, U.S.A.
8464 Corbin Avenue,
Northridge, CA 91324